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Superbazar – results for the year


Results statistics:

  • 1 month of work – 1385 orders – turnover 580 000 UAH 
  • From 37% of visits to the contact office are converted into orders 
  • And this is plus 500 orders in this period + UAH 217,000
  • A total of 1,885 orders with a turnover of almost UAH 800,000
  • A total of 8,400 orders for UAH 3,700,000 and 9,300 contact visits
  • 37% conversion to contact guidance order 
  • Another 3,441 orders through a call with a turnover of UAH 1,530,000 
  • Total for 1 year from launch
  • The total amount of orders is UAH 5,230,000
  • Number of orders – 11,800 orders in 1 year 

Who is our client and with what tasks we were approached: The client is a partner who works with trendy and popular goods from China with its own warehouses in Ukraine. The primary goal of the cooperation is to further increase sales due to a new source of promotion – a store on the marketplace. The client’s network of dropshipers and the generation of social leads were ready for cooperation. networks and its own call center. Peak months reached more than 100 orders per day The goal of next year’s collaboration is to achieve a stable flow of sales per day 100 sales What were our actions – stages: To begin with, it was decided to load the range as quickly as possible by parsing competitors and editing the range. Then launch a promo and attract a new source of Google Shopping. During the quarantine, we increased sales due to stable work on the store. The main strategy is to constantly search for hot goods and serve properly on the site.

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