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Personal website or Prom.ua – advantages and disadvantages of options Buying a site on Prom.ua and maintaining it Ways to improve the performance of your store on Prom.ua through advertising Promotion on Prom.ua How to set up Google shopping for an online store and all the benefits of advertising in google shopping Google Shopping Advantages of the Prom.ua platform and how to competently raise sales on Prom ua Promoting Prom ua – TOP 5 effective tips SEO promotion of the online store – the main tasks, ways to solve SEO online store promotion on Prom Socks - rapid growth from 100 orders to 600 in 6 months Promotion of the wholesale sock store on Prom.ua Shkarpetku.com.ua + 50% return on Prosale Training on Prom.ua Marathon – client’s case and student feedback 166 orders for UAH 630,000 for one and a half months of cooperation Wholesale store promotion on Prom.ua Wholesale-seasonal goods store from China Marketopt1 > UAH 1,000,000 for 7 months of work Quick start of the site from 0 Trina – rapid launch of the Trina-solar alternative energy site More than 10,000 orders per year of cooperation Promotion of the retail store for 7 km Superbazar – results for the year Superbazar.com.ua Up to 980 Google Shopping orders in 9 months Tobimarket.com.ua Promotion of online store of children’s goods <1000 orders for 3 months with the amount of UAH 532,000. Volmarket.com.ua Bed linen is out of season – a way out +300% orders in 3 months through SEO and marketing Bsplus.kiev.ua SEO promotion of manufacturers and dealers and the effect on store sales in general Output of UAH 1,300,000. per year with a wholesale range Shkarpetku.com.ua Results for the year and attracting wholesale buyers through the pages of cooperation – organic For 2 months + 152% to the amount of orders Akulaa.com.ua Website promotion with certified goods for engineering and construction +203% to income for 2 months of cooperation Grida.in.ua Promotion of the site of wholesale and retail sale of professional equipment and tea and coffee on Prom.ua +125% of the order through the basket oma-top.com.ua Influence of focus and hypothesis test for popular assortment – how to raise profitability at the minimum budget Revenue 1,629,265 UAH for 1 month - 15% of all sales with Prom Printman.in.ua The effectiveness of Google Shopping and Selling in season For 3 months 80 orders in the amount of> 220 000 UAH agrolend.in.ua Promotion of agro-goods store on Prom.ua From 0 to> 200 thousand UAH of orders per month instrumentera.com.ua Promotion of the online store of power tools on Prom.ua Optimization -18% of the cost of advertising, + 12% to revenue Classic.vn.ua Performance Max on a budget of $500 Output for> 700 000 UAH. per month on Prom + Google Shopping Gooods.com.ua Promotion of the store of appliances and household goods From 0 to> 18 thousand new customers and> 200 thousand UAH of orders avamarket.in.ua Bringing to the top store feed and premixes for farm animals

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